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Each adult ram we sell is a proven sire, having settled all ewes exposed to him in his first year. Their horns are a variety of shapes, but all clear the head comfortably. Likewise, their wool is a variety of textures and colors. Full information on each ram is below.

For lamb rams, which have not been tested, we ask $125.

Shaltz Farm Kurt Shaltz Farm Kurt (S34370) was born in April 2009. His father was Lugthart Fameflower (S15236) and his mother was El-Jireh's Bella (S5815). He has retained his Grey Katmoget coloring beautifully and has excellent horns. His wool is inclined to be soft and crisp-handling; he passes this to his offspring somewhat, making them less likely to felt.
Shaltz Farm Kurt
Died May 2017
Genotype: R? (171) AA (136)
Ab/Aa BB/B? SS/S?

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