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Last of our Shetland sheepskins from sheep we raised here on Shaltz Farm. The animals were culled because they weren't up to our standard for quality as sheep, but the pelts are beautiful. Each is fully washable in a washing machine, and can be machine dried on low. Full washing instructions are below. It's recommended you put a towel in the dryer with the sheepskin as it dries. The approximate size and length of wool is listed with each skin, along with the price (excludes shipping or postage). We do NOT take credit cards or PayPal, but checks or money orders are fine.

Some suggested uses for these beautiful sheepskins:

  • Wool is naturally resistant to fire, so protect the floor in front of your fireplace with a warm and woolly sheepskin.
  • A skin with short wool is very nice for babies. Place your baby directly on it, or put the skin under a sheet or blanket. Be sure to not lay your baby face down, though, on any soft surface.
  • The best way to keep cold feet warm in bed in the winter time is to place a sheepskin between the sheets at the foot of the bed. No more hot water bottles needed! Particularly nice for people with circulation problems.
  • Of course the essence of luxury is to place your cold feet on a sheepskin when you get out of bed in the winter.
  • Sheepskins are sometimes recommended by doctors to help people who are bedridden or use wheelchairs to help protect against bedsores and other problems.
  • Loom benches are hard and wooden. Put a sheepskin on your bench to pamper yourself while weaving. Works on spinning chairs, too.
  • Got leather upholstery in your car? Protect your skin from too-hot seats with a breathable sheepskin. Most cars need one for the seat and another for the back. A short-fibered skin might be good in baby's car seat as well, making sure all the buckles are still securely and safely fastened.
  • Don't overlook that, as wool protects against extremes of cold, it also protects against extremes of heat. For example, any type of seat that doesn't breath, like plastic deck chairs, can be made more comfortable with a sheepskin.
  • You can even cut your sheepskin into pieces to make hats, moccasins, mittens, or other warm and woolly accessories. Or cut it into strips to cover your car seat belt where it rubs on your neck--glue it into a tube after it's positioned on the belt (but don't glue to the belt itself).
Shetland sheepskin #1

This large (about 36 x 18 inches) and beautiful Shetland lamb sheepskin is an elegant natural white. The wool is light with short 1/2 inch of staple length. This picture hardly shows off its charm!

Price: Sorry, sold at Vikings Come Home.

Shetland sheepskin #2

This beautiful white Shetland sheepskin, about 23 x 18 inches, and is elegant. The wool is thin and soft with thin 1/2 inch average staple length. A picture does not do justice to this pelt!

Price: Sorry, sold at Vikings Come Home.

This striking Moorit Shetland pelt has about 1/2 inch long staple. Great as a loom bench cover - it will be very comfortable to sit on. The short wool will make it wonderful as a foot warmer in a bed, or for an older baby to sleep on. About 32 x 16 inches.

Price: Sorry, sold at Vikings Come Home.

Shetland sheepskin #3

Shetland sheepskin #4

A particularly unusual and beautiful sheepskin, this one is soft White. The wool is about 1/2 inch in length, while the overall size of this skin is about 23 x 27 inches. It would make a wonderful loom bench cover.

Price: Sorry, sold at Vikings Come Home.

A warm Black lamb skin (#555), with wool averaging 6 inches in length. What a wonderful foot warming sheepskin for winter nights! It would make a comforting bed-side rug. About 28 inches wide by 18 inches at narrowest point.

Price: $119 plus shipping.

Shetland sheepskin #5

Another beautiful Black lamb skin, wild and woolly in appearance with wool averaging 3-4 inches in length. What a wonderful foot-warming sheepskin for winter nights and for sinking your toes into on a cold morning! About 24 inches long by 14 inches at narrowest point.

Price: Sorry, sold to Suzie.

Shetland sheepskin #6

Shetland sheepskin #7

This beautiful, large (about 22 x 28 inches) Shetland sheepskin is an elegant creamy white color. It has an unusual coloring pattern of brown at the base of the wool. The wool has thick 4 inch average staple length with fibers in 4-5 range.

Price: Sorry, sold to Lynn.

Shetland sheepskin #8

This beautiful (about 24 x 29 inches) Sheepskin is cream off-white. The wool has thick 4 inch average staple length.

Price: $119 plus shipping

Washing and care instructions:

You may be able to sponge some spills, and just shake the sheepskin periodically to remove grit and other debris that accumulate. A hairbrush can help fluff up the wool if it becomes at all matted.

Wash, if necessary, in cold water on a gentle cycle using mild laundry detergent. Do NOT use bleach of any kind - bleach will destroy wool. You can also dry clean your sheepskin if your drycleaner will accept it.

Dry on a no-heat setting (usually called something like air dry or fluff) in your dryer until almost dry. Add a towel to speed drying and help keep the sheepskin from folding into one shape. Remove from dryer, shape if necessary, and allow to air dry the rest of the way.

Do not store a damp sheepskin, it will mildew. Be sure it's 100% dry before storing. Bugs may munch on your sheepskin, so be sure it's free of bugs before storing, and use an airtight container if it will be put away for more than a few days or weeks. Take it out at least twice a year, give it a shake, and sun it for a few hours to prevent infestations if it will stored for a long time.

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