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Every year we assess our sheep, deciding which ones are keepers and which ones we would like to sell. It's always a tough choice--we'd love to keep them all! But we can only pasture feed and winter over about 20 sheep. So sell we must!

Pricing is a tricky subject. Many people get their feathers ruffled by prices perceived as very high or very low. We've chosen to be upfront about our pricing scheme. We start with a lamb at $125 and adults are worth more. Here's what we do to figure out prices:

healthy, sound sheep$100
scrapie resistance genotype RR$100
scrapie resistance genotype QR$50
lambed as a yearling (ewes) with no problems$100
successfully serviced ewes as a 7-8 month old (rams)$100
had twins as an adult (ewes)$50
has good horns (rams)$100
has good horns (ewes)$50
has soft handling wool$50
has particularly interesting color$50

This system has the advantage of being relatively objective. We do, of course, have our sentimental favorites, but those we don't put on sale.

Visit our pages for rams for sale, ewes for sale, and lambs for sale. We can put together breeding/starter packages as well, with a discounted price--for example, a ram and two unrelated ewes. Lambs are available after July 1st, to give them a minimum of two months with their mothers before weaning.

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