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Every ewe we offer for sale but one singled as a yearling ewe and twinned as an adult ewe when flushed. Prolificacy, easy lambing, and good mothering are all musts on Shaltz Farm.

If you are considering purchasing one of our ewes, please don't hesitate to email us to ask for more pictures. We have tried to make this page fast to load in spite of the number of pictures on it, and that means sacrificing detail sometimes. We can email pics of tails, wool, horns, whatever you want more information on. Oh, and take pity on these poor ewes if they look a little scruffy! We were in the middle of an extended heat wave of 90 and higher temps when they had to pose.

This is El Jireh Bella, a solid white ewe. Her wool is medium length and fairly crimpy, of medium softness. Bella carries horns for ewes, having produced Shaltz Farm Brownie. She is fully resistant to scrapie, so is a prize for getting RR genetics into a flock. She was born in 1997. El Jireh Bella
Genotype: RR (171) AA (136)
Awt/Aa B?/Bb SS/S?
Shaltz Farm Bella
retired - not for sale

This is Shaltz Farm Brianna, our last lamb born in 2000, to Shaltz Farm Anika, but our first ewe to lamb in 2001, having a dark brown ewe lamb, Cocoa. Brianna was born with some interesting white marks on her face, which have faded a little but not too much. Her sire is Red Trillium Traverse. Shaltz Farm Brianna
Genotype: RR (171) AA (136)
Aa/Aa BB/Bb SS/S?
Shaltz Farm Brianna
not for sale

Shaltz Farm P10 Cream Twin to Shaltz Farm Coconut, Cream is a delicate white ewe with small horns. The white patch on her side is where we parted her wool to show the whiteness underneath the grunge that accumulates on all white sheep.
Shaltz Farm Cream
no longer available
Genotype: QR (171) ?A (136)
Awt/A? B?/B? SS/S?
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