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In August 2000 we purchased our domain names and set up our first websites using templates. I was immediately frustrated with the limitations, but didn't have the time to make changes. During January 2001, I decided to see if I could teach myself the basics of html (the language websites are programmed in). I found out that it wasn't too hard, and I enjoyed the work. Just a couple weeks after getting started, I had the basics of HJS Studio figured out, and by early February had the site up and running. I revised it again in January 2008, to bring the code up to date.

Work on revising our farm website took a little longer, as the site is much larger and more complex, and we needed LOTS more pictures. I started in July 2001, and had it up about a month later.

I have also designed and maintain a website for the Stonehedge Fiber Milling Equipment, Inc, a manufacturer of quality cottage industry carding machines.

Another project was to design and maintain the website for Letty Klein, well-known Karakul breeder and author of articles about sheep raising, Pine Lane Farm Karakuls, as well as The Shepherd's Rug, Letty's self-published book about making beautiful rugs out of braided and felted wool roving.

I am now offering basic html programming services to other small farmers and business owners who need a website, but don't have the time or money to develop a large, glitzy site. If you feel your business would be served by a website in the simple, clear style of our farm and studio websites, then contact me and we'll discuss your needs. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

My services and pricing are:

Setting up a domain name and website host--excludes the cost of renting your domain name and website space (the actual cost of the domain name will be about $15/year, while the website space will vary but average around $15 a month$25
Roughing out your site: Sending you a draft of what your site will look like, including a site map$100
Doing the final version of each page or redesigning the page from scratch later on$20/page
Updating individual pages as information changes, whether the site was designed by me or someone else$5/page

Something I don't do is graphics, as I have no skill in that area. However, I can take .gif files that you have had made by someone else, and incorporate them into your website. I can also use digital photos or scans you have taken to add attraction to your site.

If you prefer to get your own domain name and host, let me recommend Matthew Ginop of MCG Web Development, Inc, located in Levering, Michigan, Matthew is exceptionally supportive and responsive to newbies just getting started with websites, and his pricing is highly competitive. I have greatly enjoyed working with him.

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